International ceramic exhibition «WITHOUT BORDERS». 2011.


From 9 June 2011 the Applied Arts museum of State Saint-Petersburg

Academy of Art and Design was holding the International Ceramic

Exhibition, “WITHOUT BORDERS”.

Works from artists originating from seven different countries were presented in this exhibition: An international and inter-university project that strengthens links between the Ceramic Schools in different countries.

We hope that International Ceramic Exhibition “WITHOUT BORDERS” is the start of many new exhibitions! Only by exchanging experiences and talking about the profession, can we develop the role of ceramics within art practice.

Each school that takes part in this exhibition has its own special features, and principles in creating a diverse approach. I hope that this exhibition will create a mutually stronger community that will enrich us all.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Tomsky I. B.

associate professor, the Head of Ceramic and Glass Department

of St-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design


For the first time in many years this exhibition shows work of artists from seven professional schools, all made in the same materials- ceramics and porcelain. The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the unities and differences of different schools, the peculiarities of national traditions and contemporary trends in the field of ceramics.

The exhibition is named “WITHOUT BORDERS.” It underlines how art and craft cannot be limited by geographical delineations. The artists from different countries are tied with their commitment to their profession; careful attitude to their craft, and unlimited creativity; which all relate to the ancient material of clay.

This demonstration of the achievements within modern ceramics takes place in the Museum of the Applied Arts of the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design. St-Petersburg school takes great pleasure and pride is showing the work of these artists. The participants are professors, students and graduates from these schools. The exhibition unites different generations of ceramic artists, that have different aesthetic preferences, different traditions, but that are united by the idea of exchanging the achievements and learning from one another.

Sukharev S. E.

associate professor of Ceramic Glass and Ceramics Department

of St-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design

The relationship between the applied art of ceramics and humans has co-existed for thousands of years. Often overlooked, but intertwined with the routines and rituals of our daily lives; jars, mugs, cups, plates, bowls, vases, are just a short list of essential items made in this material. Thousands of years pass, the shapes of objects change, the range of the assortment expands, but man still aspires to own ceramic pieces, and treasure the warmth from the ceramist’s hands. Is it really true that the world of applied arts is narrow and limited?

It has been a long time since ceramic art has crossed the border beyond just making functional and utilitarian objects. It attracted the attention of artists, architects, painters and sculptors of the 20th century.

Ceramics has opened a way of creation with bright, unique images holding deep meaning and emotions. Mutual influences of the different kinds of arts, the freedom of combinations of the different materials, open-mindedness, and not being held down by any themes or standards characterize the art of modern time. Our project exposes another feature of the modern applied art to show the language of sculpture and absorbs the requests of architectural projection.

The exhibition “WITHOUT BORDERS” is an international project, in which different high-education schools take part: Belorussian State Academy of Art, Lvov National Academy of Art, Estonian Academy of Arts and St-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design. In this exhibition we show the work of current professional artists, using a traditional material, but exploring the possibilities of a creative modern artist. Art schools, represented in this exhibition, have their own traditions and educational systems and we would like to show the work of the professors that educate and inspire the artists.

These works represent the cultural processes and the ‘search of today’. The exhibition “WITHOUT BORDERS” is interesting for both professional artists and amateurs alike.

Vlasova E. A.

art historian, associate professor of Ceramic And Glass Department of St-Petersburg State

Academy of Art and Design

Catalog: каталог выставки «Вне границ»