The Exhibition of Diploma works made by graduates of 2012.

The Exhibition of Diploma works made by graduates of 2012.

We are glad to announce that on the 12th of July 2012 in Small and Central Showrooms of Kirov Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Stabling Building, the Exhibition called «Glass and Ceramics. Deprtment of Ceramics and Glass Design: Diploma works by graduates of 2012» will be opened. There you may enjoy the best diploma projects made by graduates of one of the prestigious artistic Universities of St. Petesburg.

Every year Department of Ceramics and Glass Design of The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, named after Alexander von Stieglitz produce young professionals in the field of Ceramics and Glass Design. Educational process includes deep knowledge aboutchosen material, the mastery of useful techniques, practical internships at manufactures and Glass, Ceramcis  and Porcelain Factories, theoretical courses of the history of Applied and Decorative Arts. As a result of hardworking and long studying students make their own creative Diploma projects supervised by their workshop Tutors. All the projects made of chosen material: either ceramics or Glass.

 Besides unique designer’s projects at present Exhibition you may find glass and porcelain table sets made especially for mass factory production.

 The Exhibition wil be lasted till the 16th of Septemer 2012. Elagin’s Palace-Museum.


Photo: Svetlana Berezina, Alena Mihailova.