Igor Tomskiy Solo Exhibition “Black and Red”. 2010.


Dear Friends!

Welcome to my solo exhibition. I haven’t had personal exhibitions for a long time. Like many others artists I have some doubts concerning my art.

The name of my solo exhibition is “Black and Red”. Red is vital power, passions, blood; black on the contrary is sadness. It’s a common rhythm of life. The exhibition shows various fields of my activities. I am an artist, a lecturer, and I also make production designs and works on commission.

Working for production is very specific. Sometimes you even doubt who you are really: an engineer, a technologist or an artist. Production has its own laws, rules and responsibilities. Lots of people depend on your work like you depend on them. But when you finish your several months work you feel a great relief that can’t be compared with anything else. I was quite lucky to become a co-owner of a Glass Factory. It helped me to make my old dream come true. That dream was about “Modular Production” of decorative stuff made of glass. All details of these samples are made mechanically: presser, rotational moulding, and injection. It is a great number of copies and low prices for each piece. The idea of “Modular Production” is a constructor that may be built in any configuration entirely at the artist’s discretion.

Some of exhibited photos are works commissioned from 2003 till 2009. Unfortunately, not all of them are of good quality, since the age of digital photograph started quite recently. Working on big projects needs assistance. I am cooperating with architects, artists, and masters. I am very lucky to cooperate with architectural bureau “Sukkhov and Kim” established by professional architects Olga Kim and Aleksey Sukhov. Chandeliers for Sheremetjev Palace were made together with Valeriy M. Piskunov, Fedor A. Chernobakhtoviy and Vyacheslav Uchevatkin. Lots of works I made with an assistance of Vladimir Dudin. The project “Kasumi” was executed together with the architect A. Losev. My students Svetlana Kuzmina and Sergey Podpruznikov also assisted me in different projects. Moreover, my friends-blacksmiths Andrey and Pavel Selminskih help me a lot too.  Please excuse me for not being able to mention all those, who helped me in my projects, as there are too many people.

At the exhibition you may also find scenery photos of the movie by V. Bortko “Taras Bulba”.  There are as well some photos of my works for private clients.

As I have already mentioned projects of such scale require all-round assistance; and I am happy and grateful to the destiny for being surrounded by real professionals.

Igor Tomskiy