About us


The main purpose of the Department is not only to give our graduates essential professional skills, but also to train them to work at mass production plants, as well as to be independent artists.

The Department encourages students to lead an active creative life. During last years our students took part in numerous domestic and international conferences and exhibitions. We welcome our students to apply for internships offered by international schools of arts all over the world. We are proud of Nadiya Miniakhmetova who undertook the internship at SwedishSchool of Design, Maria Koshenkova who worked on her diploma in Denmark, Irina Razumovskaya who was one of exchange students at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. We offer students a wide range of opportunities of participating in various conferences in Russia and abroad, as well as providing them with interesting inner projects, which is also a big challenge!

Moreover, all our students may have practical internships at different works in Russia. These internships do help our graduates not only to get deep knowledge of glass and ceramics productions but also to become real professionals. For example, one of our best and most reliable partners is The Imperial Porcelain Factory. We also have good partnership with Dyatkovo Crystal plant, St.Petersburg Stroyfarfor works, Samara Stroyfarfor works, Gus-Khurstalny Glassworks, and others.