International scientific and practical conference 2015.

Dear friends!

The St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design is pleased to invite you to participate in the International scientific and practical conference devoted to the 60 Anniversary of merger of the Ceramics and Glass Department

«Art of Ceramics and Glass in the Modern World»

October 6-8, 2015

The conference will cover a wide range of questions concerning art and industrial education in Russia and abroad, main tendencies in the field of art activity, directions of creative search in the modern art industry.

The key topics for discussion include:

  • the search      of new ways in the education system of ceramic and glass artists;
  • current      trends in the vocational training of ceramic and glass artists;
  • the place of      the artist of decorative and applied arts in the modern world;
  • the      organization of offsite workshops, symposiums and their significance for      young artists;
  • traditions      in the art of ceramics and glass and their transformation in the work of      modern artists;
  • the glass      technology and the search of an artistic image;
  • the ceramic      technology and the search of an artistic image;
  • considerable      events in the art space: the art of glass and ceramics.

Venue: St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, St. Petersburg, Russia (St. Petersburg, 13 Solyanoy pereulok. Hall of Council, Henry’s Hall, Gothic Hall and White Hall in the Museum of Applied Art).

Materials of the conference will be published. Basic requirements for papers:

  • page-format      – A4; page margins: left margin — 3 cm, right margin — 1.5 cm, top margin      — 2 cm, bottom margin — 2 cm;
  • one-and-a-half      line spacing; indention 1.25 cm;
  • the text      should be printed in Times New Roman font, 14 pt;
  • the name of      the report is specified in the beginning of article, center alignment.
  • data on      authors are provided in the following paragraph: the full name, position,      academic degree, work place.
  • The volume      of the papers shouldn’t exceed 8 pages.

Working languages of the conference – Russian, English.

The correspondence form of participation is possible – poster report.

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted till September 7, 2015 on an e-mail address:, please address your questions to the project coordinator: Yuliya Klopova.

All expenses associated with the program including travel expenses, hotel accommodations, food, and any other associated costs of the program – at the expense of sending organization.

Appendices: Appendix 1-3

1. Application form.

2. Brief conference program.

3. List of the nearest hotels, mini-hotels and hostels.