NOT A POT- international exhibition of young ceramic artists 2012.

5 December 18-00 Openined of the “NOT A POT” show of young ceramic artists.

Participants of the “NOT A POT” show are the young ceramic artists from Europe, USA and Russia. The works were selected by the independent jury. These works show various ways for ceramics to be seen as an independent fine art media. The aim of this show is to prove that ceramics, usually seen only from the utilitarian point of view, in fact is a borderless field for the creative experiments. Especially it is interesting to see the connection between the traditional material and the new ideas of young artists.

Show curator – Irina Razumovskaya.
Dates: 5 Dec-25 Dec
Open from: Tuesday -Saturday from 11-00 to 19-00

The idea came into being very naturally, it was very interesting how the very young artists see the modern ceramic art. It is very interesting to look at ceramic art not from the traditional point of view, the vessel idea, the pot, but to see in ceramics a unique kind of art, with its own laws and conditionality. The clay dictates us the limit of this conditionality, being a material of many faces. In this exhibition we will see the interaction between this ancient material and new-thinking young artists.